The managerial process of the exporting activity performed by the company in the serviceable area of trading is managed by the experts. The regular flow of agricultural goods like rice, sugar, spices, and many more for exports are handled by planning and strategizing on the basis of data, reports, and analysis of market, products, and export business to achieve the different goals of the company and provide satisfaction to our customers.

The sales agent and distributor managers play an important role who performing their responsibility with efficiency to maintain the smooth functioning of the export business of the Kavach Project. The management takes care of core activities with the help of hardworking team members of the company.


Our core works like planning, selection of products, market selection, legal work, and other important activities are handled by experts in different departments. With experts in our team in the company, the goal of providing quality products at an affordable price that provide satisfaction to the customers becomes easy to achieve.

We have an efficient and dedicated team of export staff, a manager for international shipment, clerks to handle data, agents for customers, warehouse staff, supplier assistants, agents to have contact with shipment companies, transportation companies, and mills.

The team members have been given the training to develop their skills and other capabilities. The culture of the organization and the working conditions of the company help our team to perform several activities with motivation.


Our company has the standardized infrastructure for executing the process of procuring agricultural goods and exporting them to international borders from India and supplying them to at domestic level within the country.

We have the best selection of market to source goods from the best place, docks, and traders that sells and keeps quality products. Our company has efficient transportation services that take care of the products while transferring the goods across borders and within the borders or procuring them from different places of India.

Handling exporting shipments and transportation of all goods in India has been looked after by our departments that make sure the shipments and delivery have been completed with proper safety, handling, care.

The packaging of products takes place in the best factories that we trade the products from. Packaging takes care of agricultural products to be protected against damage, weather, or different conditions that can decrease the quality of the products. We directly trade the agricultural products from the best manufacturer and makes the product available to both national and international market.

Long-term relationship

Kavach Agro is the project of an established company that started its activities In India and expanded the business to the scale of trading and exporting into the other countries in the next few years.

We believe in serving our clients with safety, care, and the best quality. Our goal is to establish Long term relationships with our customers to build a loyal community that consumes Agro products that are sourced from the best place and exported by the trusted company. The premium quality Rice, sugar, spice, dry fruits, spices and groceries are of certified organic standards that are good for health and have a perfect taste that is bought to our customers with good handling and care.

With high-quality, Agro products, customer satisfaction at an affordable price is our aim to achieve.


We are the most trusted name in the trading of Finest quality Rice and Sugar, Premium quality spices and pulses, Dry fruits rich in goodness and nutrients, and fresh groceries and fruits, in India. Our exporting services are the best as we regularly participate in the international flow of Agro products that gives us experience.

We source our Sugar from the mills of Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. The finest quality of Rice comes from West Bengal, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh. The elegant fragrance of spices and pulses is supplied from Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Karnataka respectively. The rich in nutrients Dry fruits are sourced from Tamil Nadu, Jammu and Kashmir, and Himachal Pradesh.

The best Agro products are supplied from the best places of India and then exported worldwide in countries like the USA, Brazil, China, Uk, Ghana, Italy, Turkey, Malaysia, and many more.

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